Avoid Shortcomings of Cashless Transaction System using Blockchain
Abdulaziz Albesher and Kareem Kamal A.Ghany
Proposal of a New Design for Improving the Smart Electric Meter Performances
Zoubir Chelli, Abdelaziz Lakehal, Tarek Khoualdia and Yacine Djeghader
System Identification of a DC Servo-Motor Using ARX & ARMAX Models
Salah-eddine Mokhis, Said Sadki, Hamza Jamal and Bahloul Bensassi
A Review of Land Use Change: Approaches and Models
Fatima Ezahra Sfa and Mohamed Nemiche
Identification of a clothing production system: Case of Morocco
Zineb El Idrissi Larabi, Sofia Rachad, Abdelmjid Aitziane, Benayad Nsiri and Bahloul Bensassi
Maneuvering target tracking using IMM-SUKF with bearing- only measurement
Abdennour sebbagh and Sihem Kechida
Access control models for smart environments
Yasmina ANDALOUSSI, Moulay Driss EL OUADGHIRI and Ziad Saif Mohammed AL ROBIEH
Effect of frequency on heat transfer and on fluid flow of a hollow block submitted to a sinusoidal excitation
T. Ait-Taleb, M. Najjaoui, A. Abdelbaki, Z. Zrikem and H. Chaib
Contribution to the study of Factors Affecting Voluntary Turnover Intention: Case of Medical Specialists Working in the Moroccan Public Sector
Aniss Ait Alla and Omar Rajâa
Spontaneous Polarization and Refractive Indices of Potassium Niobate at Room Temperature
H. Chaib, M. Lmouchter, S. El-Moudny, T. Ait-Taleb, A. Nafidi and A. Tirbiyine

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