Session 1

Complex Biological and Ecological systems

BGrammar of living systems: allometric scaling laws.Power Laws of Nature: Random, Chance, Limits and Limitations of Emergence
Threshold Analysis of the Stochastic Hepatitis B Epidemic Model With Successful Vaccination and Lévy Jumps
Driss KIOUACH and Yassine SABBAR
On the mixing behaviour of an abnormal size structured cell population
S. ELMourchid
Toward an integrated framework for multidimensional and multi-scale imulation of agroecosystem
Mahamadou Belem, Mesmin Dandjinou, Joëlle Ouattara, Mehdi Saqalli and Christine Fürst
A generic model of reinforcement learning combined with macroscopic cellular automata to simulate land use change
Fatima Ezahra Sfa, Mohamed Nemiche and Rafael Pla Lopez
Urban, agricultural and touristic land use patterns: combining spatial econometrics and ABM/LUCC
Eric Innocenti, Claudio Detotto, Corinne Idda and Dominique Prunetti

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