Session 5

Complex Management Systems

Integrated Management of Water Resources - A Framework for MENA Region
Mohammed Haroun, Joost de Bakker, Soham Punjabi, Abhijith Suboyin and Stavroula Anastasiou
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Use for Key Words Research Characterization. Case Study: Environment and Renewable Energy Community Interest
Yassine EL MOUDENE, Jaafar IDRAIS and Abderrahim SABOUR
Governing the Generic System Development Process Using Cybernetic Principles
Nora MOUHIB, Slimane BAH and Abdelaziz BERRADO
Regulation of inventory flow in closed loop structure using KPIs Implementation and recommendations
Sofia RACHAD, Zineb El Idrissi, Abdelmjid Aitziane, Benayad Nsiri and Bahloul Bensassi
Agile capabilities in Moroccan companies: Criteria and practices
Fadoua Tamtam and Amina Tourabi
The Viable System Ontology Theory
Nora MOUHIB, Slimane BAH and Abdelaziz BERRADO

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