Session 6

Machine Learning, cloud computing and security

Biometric recognition by multimodal face and iris using FFT and SVD methods With Adaptive Score Normalization
Lemmouchi Mansoura, Athamna Noureddine, Ouarda Assas and Abdessemed Yassine
Appreciation of Customer Satisfaction Through Analysis Facial Expressions and Emotions Recognition
Moulay Smail Bouzakraoui, Abdelalim SADIQ and Abdessamad Youssfi Alaoui
Modeling Virtual Machine Migration as a Security Mechanism by using Continuous-Time Markov Chain Model
El Mehdi Kandoussi, Iman El mir, Mohamed Hanini and Abdelkrim Haqiq
A Load Balancing Algorithm in Cloud Computing Based on Modified Particle Swarm Optimization and Game Theory
Amine MRHARI and Youssef Hadi
A Remote Decentralized Reconfiguration Strategy of Smart Grid using the Internet of Things
Anass Lekbich, Abdelaziz Belfqih, Chaimae Zedak, Jamal Boukherouaa and Tayeb Ouaderhman
Security-Aware Deployment of SDN-NFV in TELCOS Networks
Mohammad M. Alshaer, Mousa Al-Akhras and Abdulaziz Albesher
Hadoop Distributed File System for Big data analysis
Hatim Talal Almansouri and Youssef Masmoudi
A linear programming model and memetic algorithm for the Emergency Vehicle Routing
Abdellah El Fallahi, Imane Sefrioui and Ali ElMerzouqi
Ensuring the Security and Performances in Tactile Internet using Physical Unclonable Functions
Self-Organizing Map and Sweep algorithm to Solve the Capacitated Location Routing Problem
Fadoua Oudouar, Mohamed Lazaar and Abdellah El Fallahi
Change Mining in Business Process Variability: A Comparative Study
Asmae Hmami, Hanae Sbai and Mounia Fredj
Forecasting the State-of-Charge of Batteries in MicroGrid Systems
Youssef NaitMalek, Mehdi Najib, Mohamed Bakhouya and Mohammad Essaaidi
Energy Consumption of Batch and Online Data Stream Learning Models for Smartphone-based Human Activity Recognition
Ilham Amezzane, Amine Berrazzouk, Youssef Fakhri, Mohamed El Aroussi and Mohamed Bakhouya
Anomalous Crowd Behavior Detection in Time Varying Motion Sequences
Imran Usman
A Fading-based Transmission Range Estimation for Routing Metrics of Relay Selection in VaNets
Driss ABADA, Abdellah MASSAQ, Abdellah BOULOUZ and Mohamed BEN SALAH
Productivity rate prediction in port container terminals: A neural networks based decision support tool
Kaoutar Chargui, Abdellah El fallahi, Mohamed Reghioui and Tarik Zouadi
Diagnosis of Parkinson disease using the wavelet transform and MFCC and SVM classifier
Zayrit Soumaya, BELHOUSSINE DRISSI Taoufiq, Abdelkrim Ammoumou and NSIRI Benayad
Openstack: Launch a Secure User Virtual Machine Image in a Trust Public Cloud IaaS Environment
EL BALMANY Chawki, ASIMI Ahmed, TBATOU Zakariae, ASIMI Younes and GUEZZAZ Azidine

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