Session 7

Advanced Control & Power Electronics Application

Adaptive High Gain Observer for Sensorless Photovoltaic Systems
Mohamed Stitou, Abderrahim El Fadili, Fatima Zahra Chaoui and Fouad Giri
A Comparative Study of Photovoltaic Array Configurations effect on the Output Power under Partial Shading Conditions
Youssef Mallal, Lhoussain El Bahir and Touria Hassboun
An Acurate PV Source Emulator with High-Bandwith using a Backstepping Controller
Mustapha ALAOUI, Hattab MAKER and Azeddine MOUHSEN
A Literature Review of IGBT Models
Mohamed BAGHDADI and E. Elwarraki
A behavior electro-thermal model of the IGBT using Matlab/Simulink
Naoual Mijlad, Elmostafa Elwarraki and Abdelhadi Elbacha
Output Voltage Control Analysis of Three-Level Boost DC-DC Converters
Imane Ait Ayad and Elmostafa Elwarraki
Cascade Nonlinear Control of Photovoltaic System Connected to Single Phase Half Bridge Shunt Active Power Filter
Zineb Hekss, Abdelmajid Abouloifa, Salwa Echalih and Ibtissam Lachkar
Half Wave Control Strategy of Interleaved Buck Converter Based Single Phase Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement
Salwa Echalih, Abdelmajid Abouloifa, Zineb Hekss and Ibtissam Lachkar
Modeling and Control of a Wind Turbine Based On a Doubly Fed Induction Generator
K.Noussi, A.Abouloifa, H.Katir and I.Lachkar
Adaptive Backstepping Control Of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel DC/AC Converters
Hanane Katir, Abdelmajid Abouloifa, Karim Noussi and Ibtissam Lachkar
Output Feedback Adaptive Control Strategy of the Boost Inverter
Salma El Moutaki, Abdelmajid Abouloifa and Ibtissam Lachkar
Extended Kalman Filter for High performances Sensorless Induction Motor drive
L.Et-taaj, Z.Boulghasoul, A.Elkharki, Z.Kandoussi and A.Elbacha
A Hybrid Bayesian Network Based Method to Assess and Predict Electrical Power Network Reliability
Abdelaziz Lakehal, Zoubir Chelli and Yacine Djeghader
Implmeneting a Fuzzy Logic Controller to Improve the Performances of an Off-Grid Photovoltaic Generator
Hamid Chekenbah, Larbi Choukri, Rafik Lasri, Yassir Maataoui and Mohammed Zouiten
Real Time Implementation of Backstepping Control for High Performances Induction Motor Drive
A.El kharki, Z.Boulghasoul, L.Et-taaj, Z.Kandoussi and A.Elbacha

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